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our sustainability efforts

conserving for our future

Architectural preservation & transformation lies at the heart of our business, and all of our hotels are beautiful heritage buildings that we’ve breathed new life into. Our mission; to reintegrate these historical gems back into the cosmopolitan cityscape, and conscientiously design them for the needs of the modern traveller – which of course includes day-to-day environmental efforts. 

our daily pursuits

Being environmentally friendly is no longer a trend, it’s a daily pursuit, and the smallest of steps can contribute to climate change. Here are a few ways we’re making a positive impact everyday;

reducing carbon footprint

We have minimised the use of paper by moving to digital solutions where possible.


energy efficiency

We have integrated new smart in-room technology that tracks motion. If the room is unoccupied, the aircon and switches are turned off, saving electricity.

reduction in plastic consumption

We provide drinking water through filtered stations with re-fillable glass bottles, and have re-fillable dispensers in bathrooms.

use what we need

We serve our guests through the select-service model, encouraging guests to only use what they really need.

community rejuvenation

8M Collective is a subsidiary of 8M Real Estate which has developed an incredible portfolio of conservation properties.

We create lifestyle destinations with sustainable drive, re-adapting existing real estate with purposeful design and best-in-class partnerships to re-energise Singapore communities. And we’ve helped reinvigorate areas including Gemmill Lane, Amoy Street, Hong Kong Street and Tanjong Pagar Road - into today's bustling F&B hubs.

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