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Hotels rolling out more staycation packages for Singaporeans

Dipping Pool in Wanderlust

With more Singaporeans unsure about travelling overseas due to the spike in COVID-19 cases across the world, hotels here are gearing up to entice people to take staycations instead. 

Graphic designer Shermin Sim, 25, and her boyfriend were considering going to Japan for Sakura season in late March this year. However, they decided against it after the Ministry of Health advised Singaporeans to defer non-essential travel to Japan, in addition to South Korea, northern Italy and Iran. 

“I don’t think the coronavirus made us feel like we wanted to stay (in Singapore), but the Japanese travel advisory changed our mind a little,” she said.

They were considering taking a short trip to Thailand, or a weekend staycation in Singapore, said Ms Sim. 

Several hotels CNA spoke to have launched new staycation packages to attract the local crowd, and some have seen a spike in the number of Singaporean guests. 

Smaller hotel chains like Naumi Hotel and 8M Collective, which runs Wanderlust Hotel, are already popular with the staycation crowd, but continue to ramp up efforts to attract guests. 

For example, Wanderlust Hotel is running a special promotion until the end of April to celebrate its opening and has seen more local interest than international guests. 

“Our 8M Collective properties are all popular for Singaporean staycations because of the locations they are in. For example Wanderlust in Little India, KēSa House and Ann Siang House in Chinatown,” said a spokesperson for the brand. 

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