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‘We Care’ Series: Mei and Nutrition

With special guest Charlotte Mei

We may not be able to look after you in person but we can provide some tips & thoughts from 8M Collective friends on keeping calm and staying happy and healthy in these challenging times.


And who better to chat to than Charlotte Mei, Nutritionist, Foodie and Presenter of a fabulous YouTube food series The Charlotte Mei, providing simple and delicious healthy recipes.


Here’s what she had to say…


What does your Circuit Breaker look like? 

There's only so much you can do at home. Work is keeping me really busy - everyone is paying a lot more attention to their health now, and everybody wants to learn a new recipe! I also make it a point to exercise at the end of the day and to experiment with new dishes I've always been wanting to work on. 


What 5 ingredients are essential for a nutritious diet?

There are lots of fantastic ingredients out there for a nutritious diet, listing 5 would neglect many others. Perhaps I'll talk about components of a nutritious diet…
At every meal, incorporate a source of protein (whether animal or plant-based), complex carbohydrate (e.g. wholegrain rice, wholemeal bread, whole-wheat noodles), and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Include a variety of these foods in your diet, instead of sticking to the same few. Try to include a portion of oily fish once a week (e.g. mackerel, sardines, salmon) - canned varieties work too! Remember that we are all different. What works for someone else, may not work for you. So, you do you, and make choices that work best for you in terms of convenience, finance, lifestyle, preferences, etc!


Any simple dietary tips to boost immunity? 

Our immune system needs constant care and maintenance, it's not a switch that can get boosted overnight. The positive effects of including foods such as fruits and vegetables occur over a long period of time, so sporadically dosing up on them doesn't do much. To maximise the benefits of such foods, they need to be eaten often. My best advice is to think about the balance of your diet over the long term, get enough sleep, and to drink in moderation. 


What’s that one homemade comfort dish that instantly makes you smile? 

I love a good pot of ratatouille. It has all my favourite vegetables in it, it's versatile, as it can be eaten many ways (with pasta, bread, potatoes, eggs, etc!), and it reminds me a lot of my grandad who used to live in the south of France where the dish originates from.


There are so many amazing delivery options out there now – what are your go to’s?

I haven't been getting much delivered because of all I've been cooking, but the first delivery I jumped on was Kotuwa - I'm a massive fan of Sri Lankan food and who better to cook it than Rishi himself! Other than that, I've been trying to support smaller local hawkers where I can.


8MCollective side note: Check out the amazing delivery options from our f&b partners here some healthy options in there but also some ‘treats’ – because life is about balance!


What are you looking forward to most when the Circuit Breaker ends?

To be able to leave home without a mask!! I also look forward to meeting up with friends and family again. I'm really excited about checking out the newly renovated Wanderlust too, a great excuse to pop by Kotuwa for another meal haha!



Thanks for sharing Charlotte.


Keep safe and healthy everyone and stay tuned for another 'We Care' Series, coming your way soon.






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