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‘We Care’ Series: Keep Calm & Carry On

With special guest Shireena Schroff Manchharam

As unbelievable as it sounds, we’ve been in isolation mode for well over two months now. And as we slowly regain a sense of normalcy, we thought you might appreciate some tips to keep your spirits up while transitioning into the ‘New Normal’.


This week we chatted with the always up-beat Shireena Schroff Manchharam, Life and Happiness Coach.


Here’s what she had to say…


What did your CB routine look like?


Routine is SO important to me! I spent CB with my husband and my two children. Mornings were dedicated to work out, and e-learning for my kids while afternoons were more relaxed with some arts & crafts, iPad time, yoga and meditation. When the kids were in bed, we would take the chance to do some reading, Netflix & Chill or some self-care. Now the routine has slightly changed as the children are back to school alternating weekly, which gives me more free time for me!


Our current predicament can be stressful, any tips to ‘keep calm and carry on’?


It’s essential to realise you’re not the only one going through this and to put things in perspective: it always can be much worse than what it seems. Use different reference points to realise what you have, compare your situation to people who survive the war for example.


Make sure you cut the noise out - stop reading ALL the news out there and filter information to what is essential to know. There are things you CAN and CANNOT control. That which you can’t control - learn to let it go.


I also recommend trying meditation as a daily practice, even a minute counts. With that, a daily gratitude journal habit as simple as listing 3 things you are thankful for can help manage stress.


And what are your secrets to cultivating positiveness in troubling times?


I count my blessings at every moment. When we stop and think how much we miss our fave restaurant, maybe we can look down at our simple home-cooked meal and say instead: ‘I am happy I just have a plate of healthy goodness in front of me. Some people don’t even have access to food in this world.’

I count my blessing with full intention and sincerity. Practising gratitude helps us to focus on what we have versus what we don’t. My second secret is making use of this time, and thinking of it as an opportunity. I’ve taken this time to look at my home, clean up, de-clutter, order things, fix things, which has brought of sense of control and calm to my life. 


Many of us find happiness in travel, and it’s likely we’re not going to be able to do so that soon. What other ways do you recommend to hit refresh?


I think we all terribly miss thinking and dreaming and waiting for that next holiday. We might need to shift the mindset to see how we can create memories right here in Singapore. Maybe starting with staycations, to make life a little special and different! Wanderlust is a new property opening and we can’t wait to stay in the loft-style room, which the kids will love! We have to make the memories right here :) 



Thanks for sharing Shireena.


Keep safe and happy everyone and stay tuned for another We Care Series, coming your way soon.



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